CPR Safe Program for Schools

"Sudden cardiac arrest kills about 225,000 people in America every year. Much of the responsibility for the physical care of students now rests with teachers, athletic trainers, coaches, and school staff. In a random survey of elementary and high school parents and teachers...80% of parents indicated that they assumed that teachers were adequately trained in... CPR [however, it was found that]...40% had never completed a course in CPR. In a survey of all high schools in Washington State, 80% of teachers thought that CPR training was important, yet 35% of schools provide no CPR training..."1


Who are we?

McGregor's CPR Safe™ program is a school-friendly program designed to assist schools train and certify teachers and staff in American Heart Association CPR and AED use. Many schools are now equipped with defibrillators (AEDs), but few teachers and staff are trained to use these life-saving devices. The CPR Safe™ certification recognizes a school's commitment to children's health and safety and makes the school and community a safer place for all.


As a non-profit based public health education program, CPR Safe™ is a school-friendly project that works to attain the following three goals in every NH school:


  • The school has made child health and safety a priority through staff professional development, day to day operations, student wellness education, and CPR certifications.

  • At least 75% of the school staff are certified in Adult, Child, and Infant CPR and have been trained in the use of an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

  • The school is equipped with an AED, which is easily accessible.


McGregor Memorial EMS will certify schools meeting the above criteria as CPR Safe™.

Why be CPR Safe™?

The certification lets your staff, students, parents and community know of your accomplishment by recognizing your school's commitment to children's health and safety and ultimately makes the school and community a safer place for all.

How does it work?

McGregor works with schools to implement training designed to meet a school's unique professional and scheduling requirements. Classes are held at your school at times that are convenient for your teachers and staff (e.g. after school or during professional days). We can supplement existing CPR instruction, or provide all of the instructors and equipment required. We work with you to ensure that classes are affordable; health insurance, grants and existing wellness budgets generally cover the minimal costs involved.


McGregor Institute of EMS is a non-profit, public education organization providing low-cost CPR education to the public, as well as first class EMS education to emergency professionals in NH beyond. We are an official American Heart Association Training Center. McGregor Memorial EMS is a regional, nonprofit EMS agency based in Durham, NH.


For more information on the CPR Safe™ program visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact:

CPR Manager at cprmanager@mcgregorems.org or 603.862.3674.


1) American Heart Association Scientific Statement, Response to Cardiac Arrest and Selected Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies: The Medical Response Plan for Schools, A Statement for Healthcare Providers, Policymakers, School Administrators, and Community Leaders. Published in Circulation, 2004; 109:278-291.

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