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Instructor Recertification

Requirements to Recertify:

Teach two classes per year, resulting in a total of four classes prior to your recertification date.

Complete the Requirements detailed in the Instructor/Training Center Faculty Renewal Checklist Form found HERE.

Be observed using the Instructor Monitor Tool Form found HERE.

Option 1: Instructor Renewal Workshop

Instructors will receive training and perform peer teaching in a workshop environment to meet recertification requirements. Fee: $30 per instructor.

Option 2: CPR Safe Class Observation

Instructors seeking recertification will teach a segment of one of our public CRP Safe classes. Fee: $30 per instructor.

Option 3: Travel Observation

A member of CPR Safe Faculty will travel to the renewing instructors location to observe a class. Due to the increased expense and time commitment, this option has a base fee of $100. There is an additional fee of $30 per instructor seeking recertification, and $1.50 fee per mile traveled to and from the renewing location.

Instructors that have not met the requirements for recertification, will be required to attend an Instructor Essentials (New Instructor) Training Course.

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New and Transferring Instructor Information

Greetings and welcome to McGregor Memorial EMS. This information is for existing CPR instructors transferring to our training center as well as new CPR instructors who have taken our instructor course. This document will serve as your guide through the instructor onboarding process. If at any point you need assistance with this process please reach out to our CPR Manager at 508-348-9535 or

Instructor Candidate Application (For New Instructor Candidates): This form is completed by instructor candidates. It is completed during the instructor course and becomes part of your instructor record. A copy of this form can be found HERE.

Affiliating with our Training Center (For New and Transferring Candidates):

1. Follow the link HERE and either register or login (Our Training Center may create an account for you but you will be notified of this).

2. Discipline Affiliations - Select appropriate Discipline (Heartsaver or BLS) Please note that anyone certified to teach BLS may also teach Heartsaver).

3. Search for McGregor Memorial EMS by using the search function and listing state- NH and town- Durham. Our Training Site ID is NH20265.

4. Click next until you get to the page to Submit Registration and submit it. ​

Records Transfer Request (For Transferring Instructors Only): This form is used when a current instructor wishes to transfer Training Centers. Please fill out section 2 of the form and send it to We will then forward the signed form back to you to submit to your current Training Center. We will continue your application process once we receive all of your instructor records from your current Training Center. Completion of this form does not guarantee acceptance into the Training Center.

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